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Flying Fish

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mold craft floppy flipper lmr tackle
Mold Craft Floppy Flipper
Price: $95.00
Mold Craft Floppy Flipper
The Mold Craft Floppy Flipper includes three 9"squids and six 6"squids followed by a Mold Craft Bird. The floppy flipper is one of the hottest teaser rigs of the year. Made with the original Mold Craft Squids in the USA; not the china knock offs!
Flying Fish Daisy Chain with Bost Hard Headed Lure
Price: $80.00
Flying Fish Daisy Chain with Bost Hard Headed Lure
This custom rigged flying fish daisy chain has proven to be one of the hottest dolphin & tuna lures on the market. Features four 4" one-piece molded flying fish with rigged Bost Lure at the back end. Fish it anywhere in the spread & the fish will find it.
flying fish small rigging fish
Flying Fish - Mini 3"
Price: $3.50
Flying Fish - Mini 3"
Mini 3" Flying Fish Teaser - We use over 1,000 of these great little teasers a year! Easy to rig and durable! Offered in Light and Heavy Fleck. You can rig them in daisy chains, behind spreader bars, or as a single lure. One thing is for certain these..