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Welcome to LMR Custom Rods & Tackle! We are known for being one of the most unique custom fishing rod and tackle shops in the world.

For more than 30 years we have served the Fort Lauderdale, FL, market, and we are now the sole remaining full-service tackle shop in Fort Lauderdale.

Our full-time, in-house, rod-and-reel repair shop stocks Penn and Shimano reel parts, and boasts a full- time custom rod shop. We build sets of custom rods for the most well-known tournament-winning boats throughout the region. In addition, you can find the fishing reel repair parts at our shop that may not be in stock elsewhere.

Our Custom Lure shop also produces unmatched big game lures that are renowned for their ability to outperform any lure in any ocean. No one comes close to matching our ability to custom outfit any boat for any ocean. You can count on us for your sets of rods and reels, as well as for all of the tackle required for your success.

LMR enjoys the peerless recognition of putting together the tackle package you need to be successful in catching the fish of your dreams. Become a tournament winner when you partner with us! By this, we mean that we sell the gear required for your specific needs, period. You will never be oversold with unnecessary tackle. Our singular goal is your success and your success is our success, both now and in the future. We sell success!


Since I made Ft. Lauderdale my home 10 years ago LMR tackle shop has become my source and partner in fishing gear necessary for me to be one of the most successful operations in sportfishing,  with their help we have caught over 5000 billfish in the last 8 years. Throughout the year we travel and fish upwards of 10 different countryʼs and Islands between the Caribbean, South & Central America. Last year alone we fished from Galapagos Islands Ecuador to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and everywhere in between. Without LMRs help we could not pull it off! They are up to speed in every way, from the latest must have custom gear to the best bait and lures you can buy. Our schedule is tight, when we fly home for R&R we have a short window and LMR understands your time is valuable. When you make your order or drop gear off to be serviced its there waiting for you so all I have to do is swing in and grab it on my way to the airport.

Thanks LMR!

Capt. George Sawley
“STALKER” 57 Spencer


Check out the great photos and the YouTube video Mike took of our trip to the Bahamas.  Totals for the One and a half day trip was 15 Wahoo and 14 Yellow Eye Snapper.  Credit goes to our Captain and superstar fisherman Capt. Ray Peterson.  Also, please notice the great looking rod in the first picture. Thanks to LMR for the custom equipment.


George V.


LMR Tackle Testimonial

Hello Karrington,

I just want to thank you and your team for arranging my Accurate parts and the Costas.
The package arrived yesterday.
I really appreciate the fact that you did not charge me for the 2 Accurate handles.

Thanks guys...



Special thanks to Andy Novak, have kindly taken the time to answer my questions (in broken English). I hope that your lures will be effective (and attractive) for my fishing in Mauritius.
Secondly I would point out that the dozen sites (United States and Australia) that I consulted to try to find Topgun lures, you have the website the most convenient and pleasant to use(especially for someone one who knows nothing much in sea fishing). You have been very responsive (on the phone and internet), it was a pleasure to discover your shop from Paris (France).

Best regards

Boyan T.

March 28, 2012 3:35 PM

Thanks, that was fast!!

Kimmy M.

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