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Aftco Heavy Duty Guides - Set of 5

Aftco Heavy Duty Guides Set of 5




Replacement Parts
Price: From $57.00 to $114.00
AFTCO's Heavy Duty guides are the choice for 80# line rods and down. With ample room for heavy lines and large knots, are ideal for big game trolling and deep water rods rated for 20 to 80-lb. lines, and for stand-up style tuna rods up to a 130-lb. test rating. Each features the same high performance AFLON bearings. These were the guides to use before Wind-On guides were introduced. Very popular worldwide.
  • Sold in sets of 5 use standard tops in this class of rods.

** We have a limited in store selection in colors of Gold Frames - We will accommodate special orders of such colors, please call for pricing and availability **

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