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Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Custom LMR Kite Rod Combo


Manufacturer Part No: TN1000 LMR Combo
Price: $1,050.00

Tanacom 1000 on Custom LMR Kite Rod

The Tanacom 1000 outfitted on our LMR Custom Kite Rod with Stainless Steel No Fouling Winthrop Tip with AFTCO  Black and Gold Unibutt UB1. Featuring decorative custom black and gold LMR Shop Wrap. Ultimate kite rod for this combo. 

The Tanacom 1000 became one of the most popular Dendoh reels ever in Australia, now we introduce the new lower price version – Tanacom 1000. The new 12-Volt powered Tanacom is smaller, lighter and easier to use compared to other electrics. Its sleek, lightweight design, houses a powerful and high performance electric system, boasting a 22kg of maximum continuous (70 kg max. instant winding power) winding power and a retrieval rate of up to 130m per minute! With Daiwa’s exclusive Power Lever for instant control of winding speed and power, the Tanacom’s digital readout automatically displays line let out, as well as distance retrieved from the bottom, so you know the depth of your offering at all times.

Like all of Daiwa’s electrics, upon retrieve the programmable Auto-Stop ensures that the winding stops at its predesignated length. The automated jigging function can be set to automatically work a lure or bait according to your programmed specifications.  Packed with all the amazing technological innovations from its more expensive cousins, the Tanacom 1000 is extremely durable and reliable, featuring corrosion resistant components and a washable design with sealed electronics for smooth, long-lasting performance in the harsh marine environment.

  • Automated jigging function
  • Unique Power Lever for instant control of winding speed and power
  • Digital readout measures line out and distance retrieved from the bottom
  • Programmable auto stop feature stops winding when lure or bait reaches the surface
  • Manual winding option
  • Convenient 12-Volt DC Operation (acceptable range of voltage 12-16.8V)
  • Electric current usage No load – 3 amps, Stall – 10 amps, Maximum power – 30 amps
  • Power cord
  • Brass and aluminium gearing
  • Washable design with sealed electronics
Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (kg) Instant Winding Pressure Spool Capacity
TANACOM 1000 2.3 4 1.49 22kg PE 6/1000m, 8/800m

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