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Duralite Diamonds - Lindgren Pitman


Lindgren Pitman


Price: From $11.00 to $14.00
Water Activated - Turns On when in contact with water. More Than 250 Hour Battery Life - Can Be Used to Depth of 3,000 Feet. Colors: Blue, Green, Red Purple, White and Multi-Color. NOTE: These lights are disposable, batteries are not replaceable.

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Deep Drop Kit
Price: $433.75
Deep Drop Kit
Eight Deep Drop Rigs, Four Lindgren Pitman Solid Color Lights & Four Diamond Strobe Lights all packaged in a Plano Box. LMR Exclusive Deep Drop Kit.
Lindgren Pitman Electralume Light
Price: From $39.00 to $45.00
Lindgren Pitman Electralume Light
Battery life up to 500 hours, the Electralume offers a consistent high intensity illumination that outperforms chemical light sticks.
Deep Drop Rigs
Price: From $18.00 to $23.00
Deep Drop Rigs
These rigs are hand made with heavy duty Rosco 3-way swivels, Lindgren-Pitman Primeline mono and 4 or 5 Mustad 39960d.
Mity Lite - Light
Price: $14.50
Mity Lite - Light
· Fresh or Salt Water · Swivels with the Latest Technology on both ends, no twist · Easy to Install · High Quality Polycarbonate Material · 800 Meters Water Resistant · Lasts All Night
C&H Mity Light - Mardi Gras
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C&H Mity Light - Mardi Gras
Its super-bright diode strobe emits six different colors to draw fish in from long distances. Ideal for swordfish or bottom fishing. Water resistant to 800 meters. Per each. Overall Length: 3-1/2" Inch
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Price: $1.25
Light Stick (Glow Stick) - Diamond Fishing Products
Diamond Light Sticks are non-toxic, non-flammable, waterproof and are active for 12 hours.

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