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Egg Lead Sinkers

egg lead fishing weights
LMR Custom Rods & Tackle


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Price: From $3.75 to $6.50
Egg Leads are high quality, excellent for bottom fishing. Price per 1 LB. Bag.

Small hole bait rigging lead also available. 

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Dredge Fish Lead
Price: From $29.00 to $62.00
Dredge Fish Lead
These custom molded dredge fish leads have heavy duty brass eyelets with a unique wing feature that acts like a mini planer that helps drive the lead down. Sizes Available: 6# 8# 10#
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Stick Lead - Deep Drop
Price: From $4.00 to $240.00
Stick Lead - Deep Drop
Deep dropping stick lead. Nice clean thin diameter lead that fits inside a rod holder. Price per 1 LB.
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LMR Trolling Leads - Rigged & Unrigged
Price: From $10.00 to $23.75
LMR Trolling Leads - Rigged & Unrigged
LMR Trolling Leads Feature a Brass Insert that keeps the cable true and straight. This keeps the Lead from spinning at High Speed. A Must Have for High Speed Wahoo Trolling, Wire Line Trolling and Getting Dredges Down.
Cigar Trolling Lead
Price: From $3.00 to $7.50
Cigar Trolling Lead
Plain Old Fashioned Style Cigar Leads with a Swivel at one end. Brass rings allow for swivel to be cut off. Finish Rig with a shock cord of mono 30' to 75' long with a Ball Bearing Swivel at each end. A Standard rig for trolling the reef, just add a bait.
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Bait Rigging Egg Lead
Price: $6.00
Bait Rigging Egg Lead
1/4 Oz., 3/8 Oz., 3/4 Oz., 1/2 Oz., 1 Oz. This is the prettiest lead for rigging we have ever seen. Very small hole, no mold marks and slightly oval. Price per 1 LB. bag.

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