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LMR Tackle's Online Magazine

LMR Custom Rods & Big Game Tackle - Fishing Reports

LMR Custom Rods & Tackle

1801 S. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

(954) 525-2592


At LMR Tackle’s Fishing Report’s website you’re always up to date on the worldwide sport fishing scene. Our fishing reports are always current, and provided by highly regarded professional captains from around the world. In addition, we’ll tell you what’s new and worthy in fishing products and systems; how you the best rigging systems for anything from 1,000-pound marlin, 800-pound blufin tuna, 100-pound sailfish, 5-pound kingfish or anything in between. Thank you.



ABOUT LMR Tackle's Online Magazine Editor: 



            Steve Kantner, who edits this ezine, is a freelance writer and magazine editor who previously worked as a fly fishing guide. Steve hosted a radio show and appeared on television episodes that showcased his specialty: fishing from land. Now, computer in hand, he’s venturing offshore in order to bring you the best in reporting—including news updates and fishing reports, as well instructional material on the latest gear. As he likes to put it:

            “If you don’t find it here, look again in a month.”