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In the short term, fluorocarbon is a much harder material than monofilament. This results in higher abrasion resistance that is useful in situations such as nymphing or fishing around heavy structure. Also, most fluorocarbon line is thinner in diameter than monofilament line of the same breaking strength.
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Ande Bulk Fluorocarbon (Clear/Pink)
Ande Bulk Flourocarbon
Price: $250.00
Ande Bulk Flourocarbon
ANDE Fluorocarbon leader material is 100% fluorocarbon with all the properties that you expect: superb abrasion resistance, good knot strength, no water absorption, and a fast, consistent sink rate. With fluorocarbon's lower-reflective index, it is invisi
LMR Tackle Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader
Seaguar 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Spools
Price: From $9.00 to $115.00
Seaguar 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Spools
Only 5 Companies in the world make Fluorocarbon Resins; Seaguar is the only one in the Fishing Tackle Industry.
LMR Tackle Yo Zuri HD Fluorocarbon
Yo-Zuri HD Fluorocarbon Leader
Price: From $10.00 to $150.00
Yo-Zuri HD Fluorocarbon Leader
Double your invisibility with Yo-Zuri HD Fluorocarbon Disappearing Pink. Yo-Zuri HD Carbon is a brand new fluorocarbon leader that maximizes the advantages of fluorocarbon and a Disappearing Pink tint. Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in the water. . .