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Kite fishing is a centuries-old method of fishing that has been perfected by anglers. A popular method of fishing in South Florida for many years, the term "fishing kite" is derived from numerous catches of sailfish, and in the last decade, anglers have been using the kite to catch more species with greater success.
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SFE All Wind Kite & Tournament
SFE Kites
Price: From $120.00 to $195.50
SFE Kites
S.F.E. high performance ultimate fishing kite - Capt Phil Slaga's new fishing kite - flies in all winds from 5 to 25 MPH with a simple bridle adjustment, eliminating the need for multiple fishing kites. Composite frame.
LMR Tackle R&R Light Kite Clips
R&R M2 Light Kite Clips
Price: $42.99
R&R M2 Light Kite Clips
Kite Clips designed specially for those light wind days!
LMR Tackle SFE Kite Thong
Kite Thong
Price: From $22.50 to $25.50
Kite Thong
Easily secure a helium balloon to your kite. SFE and Frenzy Kites Only. Contains one Kite Thong. Only made in the USA.