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Line & Leader

LMR Tackle has a unique wide selection of big game fishing line. Braid, Dacron, Wire, Cable, Monofilament, Waxline, Wind-on, Tuf Line.
Braid Fishing Line, LMR Tackle offers a wide selection of our exclusive Lectric Line, Power Pro, and Momoi.
AFW is the leading US wire leader producer and the originator the world’s first knottable leader wire. We offer the industry’s most complete line of wire products made in the United States.
In the short term, fluorocarbon is a much harder material than monofilament. This results in higher abrasion resistance that is useful in situations such as nymphing or fishing around heavy structure. Also, most fluorocarbon line is thinner in diameter th
As its name implies, monofilament fishing line—or "mono" for short—is a single strand of material, as opposed to multi-filament lines, which are strung from multiple strands that are fused, braided or bundled together.
Ready Rigs
Multiple Ready Rig Kits Available: Captain's Rig Yellowtail Rig Snapper Rig Grouper Rig Kingfish Double Rig Leader Rig Double Drop Wire Rig Circle Wire Rig Bead Chain Rig
waxline rigging floss, wraping splices
Offshore anglers want baits rigged to run to perfection and TUF-LINE wax coated Nylon Rigging Floss offers the perfect tool.
Wind-On Leaders
Black Hook Wholesale Tackle Distributors introduces it's own Wind-On Leaders hand made in the U.S.A. We have finally found the right guy at the right price to make truly professional Wind-On Leaders for every mans use.
Wire - American Fishing Wire
For over 40 years, AFW has been providing freshwater and saltwater anglers with the finest quality line, leader, and rigging products. Most American Fishing Wire line and leader products are still made at our factory in Pennsylvania, with pride.
line tools fishing
Fish at controlled depths while using a standard baitcasting reel using this line counter. With this fishing line counter, you’ll be able to set your bait at the right depth every time, keeping you in the strike zone for improved success.
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LMR Stainless Steel Cable (Sold by the Foot) 7x7
LMR Stainless Steel Cable (Sold by the Foot) 7x7
Price: From $0.50 to $1.50
LMR Stainless Steel Cable (Sold by the Foot) 7x7
After 30 Years of Testing ,we have found and use ourselves the finest stainless Cable around. Our Cable is the smoothest, most flexible, and best corrosion resistant cable ever used in the Big Game Fishing Industry. Well tested and trusted!!
Ande Flurocarbon (Pink)
Ande Fluorocarbon Pink
Price: From $25.00 to $35.50
Ande Fluorocarbon Pink
All Fluorocarbons are not equal. ANDE is 100% Fluorocarbon with all the properties you will expect from a Fluorocarbon line—good knot strength, abrasion resistance, low stretch, doesn’t absorb water, sinks quickly and is totally invisable underwater.
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