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LMR Custom Stand-Up Shop Wrap - Custom Rod

LMR Custom Stand-Up Shop Wrap
LMR Custom Rods & Tackle


Reel Options:
Price: From $500.00 to $1,025.00

In 1984 Andy Novak saw his first California-style stand-up rods, with light tips and short and powerful butt sections. He made up a few for a trip to Venezuela and met with limited success, still catching his first slam and liking the principle of the rods style.

Adapting this to his style of rods, LMR stand-up rods are an incredibly high-quality option among our fishing rod supplies. Andy’s genius is in his choice of blanks, and where they are trimmed for a unique blend of tip action, length, and lifting power.

As with all LMR rods they are overbuilt with the best hardware in our fishing reel repair shop. After more than 25 years of building rods, Andy still applies the final "show coat" and details each rod before delivery. To find out more about this proven rod-building process, give Andy a call at 877-LMR-RODS, and if he is not in the finishing room, he is happy to take your call. Be sure to ask about our selection of big game lures.


Trolling 12# or 16# Shop Wrap Series 12# or 16# Class AFTCO UB1S B/G 73 "Inches 1 Fuji HBSG Fuji HGST CALSTAR Blank Calstar Blank, Fuji HBSG, Silicone Carbide Guides, & Fuji HGST Tip To Match, 10" Black Veltex Grip, & AFTCO Unibutt in Black & Gold. These are a little longer than the usual, but they work very well for a Sailfish rod. $525.00
 Trolling 30# Shop Wrap Series 30# Class AFTCO UB1S B/G 67 "Inches 1 AFTCO Heavy Duty AFTCO Lollypop CALSTAR Blank LMR's Famous "Shop Rod", our Standard 30# Stand-Up Rod Features all the Best Hardware. Calstar Blank, AFTCO Guides & Unibutt and our in-house thread work, Triple Epoxied with a Perfect "Show Coat" to finish a perfect LMR Custom Rod! $500.00

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