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Mojo Oats


Aquatic Nutrition
Price: $15.99
Mojo Fishing Oats is a 9.1 lb bag of dried oats that have been soaked in menhaden oil and mixed with ground shrimp. Sprinkle them in dry to bring the fish right up to the surface or mix them with water to make a sinking chum that covers the water column. You can also use them as a base to build the ultimate chum. These oats are dry so there is no need for refrigeration or freezing. Mojo Fishing Oats also work great for chumming up ballyhoo and other bait fish. Bag is resealable.

Ultimate chum recipe

1 bag Mojo Fishing Oats
1 gallon menhaden oil or milk
1 block glass minnows
1 block chum
1 medium bag of playground sand
1 large jar of silver glitter

Start by gently thawing the chum and glass minnows. In the meantime combine oats, menhaden milk and glitter in a lucky 5 gallon bucket until thoroughly mixed. When the chum and minnows have softened enough to work with fold well mixed oats, milk and glitter into the thawed glass minnows and chum. Once chum, minnows, oats, milk, and glitter are thoroughly mixed divide into two even portions. Refreeze one portion in a cum bag to use boatside. Mix the other portion with sand and form into 4" balls to saturate the surrounding area and penetrate deep into the water column.

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