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Momoi's "Diamond" Nylon Mono Line
Price: From $45.99 to $261.99
Momoi's "Diamond" Nylon Mono Line
New formulation offers tensile strengths up to 200% of stated line tests. Superior knot strengths the most critical factor in choosing a monofilament. Note: We can order High-Vis Yellow and Clear with 1 week lead time.
LMR Tackle Momoi Hi-Catch Nylon Mono-Line Leader
Momoi Hi-Catch Nylon Mono-Line Leader Material
Price: From $21.49 to $43.99
Momoi Hi-Catch Nylon Mono-Line Leader Material
Unique cover not only protects the line, but affords quick availability of the line, tangle free when the action is hot!
LMR Tackle Momoi X-TRA Hard Leader
Momoi X-TRA Hard Leader
Price: From $27.00 to $58.00
Momoi X-TRA Hard Leader
Momoi's X-HARD Nylon Monofilament Line is the ultimate leader material when extremely high tensile strength and abrasion resistance are required. This monofilament is produced with a hard outer coating to resist abrasion . .