Aftco Arena Fighting Belt

Aftco Arena Fighting Belt


The new AFTCO Arena fighting rod belt is perfect for 12-lb to 30-lb tackle use while fighting smaller fish.

Product Details

The newest AFTCO Arena Belt is the best fighting belt andharness for handling 12-lb to 30-lb tackle. Its the ideal gear for fighting smallerfish like billfish, tuna, king mackerel and other sub -100lb game. Richlyanodized in gold, the high-grade aluminum plate is built to last withblack-anodized CNC-machined aluminum gimbal cups that can hold light rods.

The belt is cushioned with bonded,close-cell polyurethane foam that withstand years of wear and tear along withbeing lightweight and comfortable.Stainlesscross-pin swivels come installed the cups, adjustable to hold and handlegimbaled rod butts and reduce torque. The nylon belt adjusts to fit 28 50waist with hook and loop fasteners. The AFTCO Arena Fighting Belt works greatwith the AFTCO Ultimate Stand-Up Harness Maxforce.