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Forschner by Victorinox - 40613 - Straight Semi-Flex

Forschner by Victorinox - 40613 - Straight Semi-Flex

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  • 40613 - Fillet, Fishing Knife, 8" Straight, Flexible, Black Fibrox Handle
    • This is the fillet knife for all to use and is ideal for Mahi-Mahi. The flexible blade is very easy to keep sharp.

A flexible boning knife is also an excellent fillet knife for fish. This flexible knife is also very good for removing the peel from oranges and grapefruit, and for removing sections of citrus fruit. Victorinox (Forschner) Fibrox® boning and fillet knives are especially popular with those who hunt and fish. Victorinox (Forschner) 8" flexible fillet knife or fishing knife, with a straight flexible blade. The patented black Fibrox handle is hygienic and very sanitary, being NSF approved as minimizing crevices that would offer hospitality to bacteria. It is dishwasher safe, although hand-washing is recommended. The handle is ergonomically designed to minimize wrist tension. The handle fits comfortably into both large and small hands and remains slip-resistant even when the hand becomes greasy with fat during butchering. The blade has an exceptionally keen, razor-sharp edge.

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