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Forschner by Victorinox - 40711 - Semi-Flex Filet Knife

Forschner by Victorinox - 40711 - Semi-Flex Filet Knife

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  • 40711 - Fillet, 8" Semi-flexible, Black Fibrox Handle.
    • A similar blade to the 40534 only more flexible. A good choice for thin skinned and small bone filet jobs. A very good choice for Tuna.

Semi Flex- Fillet Knife - Size: 8" - Semi-flexible blade - Fibrox/Nylon handle - Slip resistant - NSF - The patented black Fibrox handle is hygienic and very sanitary, being NSF approved as minimizing crevices that would offer hospitality to bacteria. It is dishwasher safe, although hand-washing is recommended. The handle is ergonomically designed to minimize wrist tension. The handle fits comfortably into both large and small hands and remains slip-resistant even when the hand becomes greasy with fat during butchering.

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