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Lighted Line Counter - Rapala

Lighted Line Counter - Rapala

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Lighted Line Counter

Fish at controlled depths while using a standard baitcasting reel. With this line counter youll be able to set your bait at the right depth every time, keeping you in the strike zone for improved success. The lighted display measures in feet and is easily read in low light or nighttime fishing. Attaches to most rods with its heavy duty, padded adjustable screw clamp. Accurate to 999 feet with minimal line slippage. Push button reset, line lock that cradles your line and automatic line release that engages when fish strikes.

  • Lighted Display each foot of fishing line is measured as it passes through the counter. (Includes CR1632 button battery).
  • Light Switch Illuminates display.
  • Automatic Line Release.
  • Line Lock Switch - Locks and releases the line in the Line Cradle.
  • Rod Clip - Holds the line counter securely to rod.
  • Spring Tension Knob.
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