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Sea Mount "Moko" Stand Up Harness

Sea Mount "Moko" Stand Up Harness

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The Seamount Moko Standup Fishing Harness and Gimbal is aptly named, as its innovative design provides the comfort, stability, and leverage to go toe-to-toe with the biggest fish in the sea and bring them boatside. Ideal for 30-80lb. class tackle, this advanced harness combines a 360 degree pre-shaped back support with memory foam and contoured sides with cushy 3D-molded EVA foam inside and out, plus soft neoprene edges that won't dig in during the heat of battle. Its unique structure is designed to spread the load evenly, with X-spine spinal stress protection to alleviate back strain. Equipped with a perfectly placed rod gimbal, marine-grade stainless steel quick-release clips, and an easy-to-grasp rear safety handle.

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