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Ready Rig Kit - Boone - C&H - Skirts


LMR Custom Rods & Tackle
Price: $110.00
Item Number: 48396

Boone Tuna Treat - Rigged $ 10.00
$ 20.00
2 C&H Dolphin Delight - Rigged
$   8.25 $ 16.50
C&H Ahi Slayer
$ 10.50
$ 21.00
Boone Gatlin Jet - Rigged
$ 16.00 $ 32.00
Ballyhoo Skirts
$   1.25
$   7.50
Plano Box
$ 13.00 $ 13.00

GRAND TOTAL: $ 110.00

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Deep Drop Kit
Eight Deep Drop Rigs, Four Lindgren Pitman Solid Color Lights & Four Diamond Strobe Lights all packaged in a Plano Box. LMR Exclusive Deep Drop Kit.
Deep Drop Rigs
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Deep Drop Rigs
These rigs are hand made with heavy duty Rosco 3-way swivels, Lindgren-Pitman Primeline mono and 4 or 5 Mustad 39960d.
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Troll the Gatlin-Jet™ at speeds from 4 knots to 12 knots. With or without natural bait or strips. Rigged with 130# mono & a 7/0 double strength hooks. Gatlin-Jet™ has 17 holes & produces a huge fish attracting bubble trail. Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish..
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C&H Dolphin Delight - Cable Rigged
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The Dolphin Delight is the most versatile and productive lure ever manufactured for the dolphin fisherman. This quality combination feather lure with rubber skirt & leaded head can't be beat. Dolphin Delight is great for trolling plain or with strip bait

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