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Skirted Teasers

SKIRTED trolling lures have a long history. The evolution of modern designs began when subsistence fishermen started to drag lures behind canoes and other craft in the tropical oceans and around the shores of islands chasing pelagic fish such as tuna and marlin. A lot of the early skirt material was made from fibre material available at the time, and used everything from the pith of banana trees to teased rope that was bound to a wooden or metal head.

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Aloha Machine Trolling Lures
Aloha Lures - Machine
Price: $95.00
Aloha Lures - Machine
The Aloha Machine, Captain. Erik Rusnak's favorite big fish lure. It produces Big Marlin wherever it follows. This large pear shape swims like a fish, bashing the surface like a feeding Tuna or Mackerel.
Mold Craft Skip Smith Big Truck
Skip Smith Big Truck - Mold Craft Teaser
Price: $48.60
Skip Smith Big Truck - Mold Craft Teaser
The Special "SKIP SMITH" TEASERS were developed by the Captain with more I.G.F.A. line class World Records than anybody - CAPT SKIP SMITH of the HOOKER & SOUND MACHINE fame.
LMR Tackle Mold Craft Enormous Johnson
Mold Craft Enormous Johnson Teaser
Price: $64.99
Mold Craft Enormous Johnson Teaser
The "ENORMOUS JOHNSON" is the third generation teaser, incorporating a Senior Super Chugger head on the front of a Giant Hooker. This design provides great smoking and swimming action with a moderate amount of pressure.
Mold Craft 9" Squid Chain
Price: $34.99
Mold Craft 9" Squid Chain
This Mold Craft Daisy chain strings 5 - 9" squid together with 300lb mono to make a super effective teaser. No hooks.