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Skirted Teasers

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Skirted trolling lure, Big game tackle
Moyes Sumo - Teaser
Price: $220.00
Moyes Sumo - Teaser
A large lure with a small tapered face and keel weighted belly this lure will perform in all sea conditions. The small face allows it to be retrieved easily and offers a unique wiggle at the end of the bubble sequence. The Sumo is a true big fish buster!!
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Aloha Lures - Machine
Price: $95.00
Aloha Lures - Machine
The Aloha Machine, Captain. Erik Rusnak's favorite big fish lure. It produces Big Marlin wherever it follows. This large pear shape swims like a fish, bashing the surface like a feeding Tuna or Mackerel.
Big game trolling lure
Skip Smith Big Truck - Mold Craft Teaser
Price: $48.60
Skip Smith Big Truck - Mold Craft Teaser
The Special "SKIP SMITH" TEASERS were developed by the Captain with more I.G.F.A. line class World Records than anybody - CAPT SKIP SMITH of the HOOKER & SOUND MACHINE fame.
Mold Craft Teaser
Enormous Johnson Mold Craft Teaser
Price: $38.99
Enormous Johnson Mold Craft Teaser
The "ENORMOUS JOHNSON" is the third generation teaser, incorporating a Senior Super Chugger head on the front of a Giant Hooker. This design provides great smoking and swimming action with a moderate amount of pressure.