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Yo-Zuri High Speed Vibe - Tough Body - Up to 15 knots

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Price: $22.00
Yo-Zuri High Speed Vibe - Tough Body - Trolled up to 15 knots

The brand new High Speed Vibe is a realistic lure manufactured to match baitfish found up and down the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. This unique lure can be trolled up to 15 knots, casted and retrieve or fished vertically in open water for a variety of saltwater game fish. The vibrating action of this lure is proven to entice strikes and the innovative through wire technology guarantees that fish won’t break off after the initial hook up. This is a sinking lure and can be fished at all depths/ranges. With key features like Yo-Zuri’s patented color change technology, powerbody and premium terminal tackle, the High Speed Vibe is sure to be your new go to lure! 

• “Power Body” with through wire construction.
• Welded shaft. 
• Through wire construction 3x treble hooks. 
• Patented Color Change Technology.

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