LMR Custom rods & Tackle

Here at LMR we have been helping guide people with our signature local knowledge and customer service in the right direction to catch a fish from the pacific ocean all the way to the red sea since 1985! We are coming up on 40 years of business and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

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Build the Rod of your dreams!

Here at LMR we make dreams turn into reality with our ability to customize and craft rods over a variety of different colors and patterns. We also offer the ability to add any logo or name you desire to your dream rod!

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Bringing Soflo To You!

Unlock the Door to Exciting Savings: FREE SHIPPING for orders over $200! All freight Items excluded.

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Helium Tanks

Helium Tanks are In Stock! They are 60 cubic feet, filled with 100% helium. The tanks come prepped with a gauge, nozzle, and hose. The full tank cost $650. We also offer the option to rent out the tanks for $150 plus tax ($160.50) with a deposit fee of $650 plus tax ($695.50).Tank exchange is another option we offer here at LMR, bring in your tank in good condition and we will give you a full tank for $150. The hoses we sell for the tanks are the Amflo 25 feet x 1/4" diameter, 200 PSI(13.8 BAR)-$25

  • Rod Repair

    We offer the ability to bring your rod back to life whether its an old rod your father gave you with sentimental value or you got into a fight with that branch you got caught on!

  • Reel Repair

    Lmr is one of the last standing full reel servicing shops in South Florida. We offer full maintenance, service work, and line fills.

  • Tackle Kits

    No matter the species of fish you are targeting, we have the ability to make you custom kits to make your fishing experience easier for you. Just take what you need from the kit snap it on and your good to go.