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Aftco Bait Net

Aftco Bait Net

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NEW AFTCOS Gold Series Bait Nets. AFTCO used the same gold-anodized aluminum handle, the same molded non-slip grip, and the same knotless polyester mesh as the original nets. We eliminated the heavy stainless steel hoop and the plastic coil that used to hold the net in place, and was prone to failure from UV damage after years of use. AFTCO also developed a strong, molded "T" connector which joins the handle to the anodized aluminum net hoop. The new design allows the netting to easily be replaced by removing two stainless screws from the "T" and sliding the old net bag out of the aluminum hoop. The new net also floats!! AFTCO Bait Nets feature Gold anodized aluminum handles, available in lengths of 18 and 24 inches, with black vinyl grips.

New and improved series of AFTCO Bait net.
It floats!
Eliminated the plastic coil that was prone to UV damage after years of use.
#188 Bait Net 18" 8" NET188 $24.00
#1810 Bait Net 18" 10" NET1810 $27.00
#248 Bait Net 24" 8" NET248 $27.00
#2410 Bait Net 24" 10" NET2410 $30.00
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