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Berkley Juke 128 (1 3/10 oz)

Berkley Juke 128 (1 3/10 oz)

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The Berkley® Juke is highly versatile. It can be cranked, twitched, and trolled with lifelike movement, enticing strikes from a variety of fish. Its coffin-shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with limited rod movement. Features such as the flat baitfish profile and additional rattles create maximum attraction, making the Berkley Juke a unique and effective saltwater lure.

  • Flat-sided shad body darts and flashes to imitate baitfish
  • Precision-tuned rattles for maximum attraction
  • Shallow suspending bait provides control through the water column
  • Iconic saltwater baitfish patterns and scale texture
  • Stick, sharp 3X Anti-Rust Fusion19™ treble hooks
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