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Black Hook Tackle Custom Wind On Leaders (Hi-Viz Yellow)

Black Hook Tackle Custom Wind On Leaders (Hi-Viz Yellow)

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Black Hook Wholesale Tackle Distributors introduces it's own Wind-On Leaders hand made in the U.S.A. We have finally found the right guy at the right price to make truly professional Wind-On Leaders for every mans use. Hand spliced, wax line whipped and soft sealed. *300 Pound Test & above are hand made using Lindgren Pitman Extra Hard Mono. *250 Pound Test & below are made using Ande Hard Mono. *

  • All Wind-On Leaders
    • 25ft. long available in:
      • 50 Pound Test
      • 80 Pound Test
      • 100 Pound Test
      • 125 Pound Test
      • 150 Pound Test
      • 200 Pound Test
      • 250 Pound Test
      • 300 Pound Test
      • 400 Pound Test
      • 450 Pound Test
      • 500 Pound Test
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