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Cedar Plugs

Cedar Plugs

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Cedar plugs know no bounds. The easy-to-rig artificials and catch fish just about anywhere beyond the surfline round the world and they really shine in blue waterthe primary feeding grounds of Tuna, Dolphin and Billfish. Using these simple lures, Florida anglers record impressive catches every year in the Gulf, Atlantic, Mexico and The Bahamas. Theyre great surface lures that also bubble and burp and vaguely imitate small tuna, frequently referred to as bullets by offshore fishermen. Well tested and trusted by LMR!!

  • Rigged Cedar Plugs Feature: Mustad 3412CD's and Sufix Mono. 4" rigged on 8/0 100# Sufix Mono. The two larger size cedar plugs, the 6.25" & 8.25" are rigged on Mustad 9/0 3412CD and 130# Sufix Mono Line.
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