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C&H Lil' Stubby Tournament Ballyhoo Rig

C&H Lil' Stubby Tournament Ballyhoo Rig

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This lure catches anything that swims. The C&H Lil' Stubby is deadly plain or rigged with strip bait, ballyhoo, cigar minnow. This 5-1/2" lure improves action and increases strikes. Skirts are easily replaceable.

  • Rigging Features:
    • 6' of 135# wire- #5 Swivel and Mustad 3412 7/0 hook and bait spring. Use this rig with a Medium/Small Ballyhoo for a quick and easy rigging.
  • Colors Available:
    • Green/Yellow Mylar
    • Oyster Mylar
    • Blue/White Skirted
    • Pink/White Skirted
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