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C&H Smoker Choker

C&H Smoker Choker

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The Smoker Choker is a new Light Lure with a glow head for use over a Ballyhoo or a strip bait. Works very well on the downrigger.

The Smoker Choker is a new light weight lure designed to troll at various speeds. Works great at slow speeds for Kingfish, Sailfish, Dolphin and tuna. Two years of testing has proven this lure to be a tournament winner. New luminescent head glows in low light conditions. Ideal for use on a downrigger or subsurface bait. The Smoke Choker can be trolled plain or in conjunction with dead or live bait. Ideal trolling speed 4-6 knots.

  • Length: 4"Inches
  • One Per Package
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