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Harken 2184 40mm Double Sheave Fishing Block

Harken 2184 40mm Double Sheave Fishing Block

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The # 2184 was designed to improve the deployment and retraction responsiveness and the precise presentation of bait teasers aboard sport fishing boats. The unit features two back-to-back 40 mm sheaves which make it symmetrical and balanced. This is the first fishing pulley with a swivel on both ends—where earlier models had a single swivel at the head. This eliminates the need to manually rig another swivel at the opposite end. Getting rigging done and lures in the water much faster. Symmetrical balanced and mated sheaves prevent the pulley from capsizing and improves load alignment. The pulley’s low friction design allows easier adjustment and movement of the teaser rig. This includes shaking grass and moving the rig in or out as the boat turns. Harken ball bearing technology helps crews react when there’s a fish on and everything else needs to come out of the water NOW.

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