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Iland Lure - Tracker

Iland Lure - Tracker

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One of the best lure / Ballyhoo combination heads known. A proven component of the high speed Wahoo lure. A Blue and White / Ballyhoo combination is the most famous. As close to a guaranteed bait as there is. Sold individually. This popular lure features a bullet nose which eliminates spinning and can be pulled from 5 to 12 knots depending on sea conditions. Deadly when used in conjunction with natural baits. Ideal for Tuna, Dolphin, Sailfish, and Mackerel. Also, can be used on a spreader bar for attracting game fish.
  • Length: 4.25"Inch
  • One Per Package
    • There are many color variations and head choices that are available, we just do not carry all them on our website. Please don't hesitate to give us a call 1-877-LMR-RODS (877-567-7637) to place your order for any variation you do not see on our website.

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