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Jinkai Sleeves / Crimps

Jinkai Sleeves / Crimps

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JINKAI Sleeves are made from a special aluminumalloy that is easy to crimp and resists electro-corrosion in saltwater.The softmetal and oval shape work together to provide a permanent crimp withoutcompromising line strength. A wide variety of sizes coordinate for use with alllb. tests of JINKAI line. Available in: 50 Per Package.

Sleeve/Line Coordination ChartSleeve Size              JINKAI Line            Line Diameter        50/pkg.               A                   920 lb. test                 3.00mm                    A-50                  B                   700 lb. test                 2.65mm                    B-50                        C                   600 lb. test                 2.25mm                    C-50                 D                   500 lb. test                 2.00mm                    D-50                  E                   400 lb. test                 1.81mm                    E-50                 F                   300 lb. test                 1.56mm                     F-50                 G              175-250 lb test          1.28-1.47mm               G-50                 H             175-250 lb. test          1.28-1.47mm               H-50                 LI            120-150 lb. test           1.04-1.17mm              LI-50                I              120-150 lb. test          1.04-1.17mm                 I-50                 J               60-100 lb. test           0.74-1.00mm               J-50                  K           50 lb. test & smaller    0.62mm & smaller      K-50                                     
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