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Max Bait Tray

Max Bait Tray

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The Max Bait Trays are made in the USA from high quality .080 powder coated aluminum for a lifetime of use. Our standard trays are 2.3-inches deep and make it easy for any angler to properly store and keep fresh a variety of rigged baits, including whole ballyhoo or even rigged strip baits.

This system uses less deck space and ice than conventional bait tray systems and has been tested since 2004. The Max Bait Tray System will benefit boat or yacht fishermen, surf casters, or pier anglers.

There are many times where stainless steel is a better choice than aluminum but your bait tray isn't one of them. Bait trays should be durable, hold up well in the saltwater environment, easy to clean and light weight. That's why the Max Bait Tray Systems is made in the USA using .080 aluminum with a white powder coat finish to reflect the sun's heat.

  • holds up well in a salt water environment
  • powder coated for easy clean-up
  • light weight and durable for a lifetime of use

For maximum bait tray performance then the choice is clearMake Max Bait Tray System your baits buddy.

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