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No Live Bait Needed NLBN Jig Heads 5"

No Live Bait Needed NLBN Jig Heads 5"

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While jigheads are often overlooked in their design and implementation, the No Live Bait Needed (NLBN) Screwlock Jigheads - 5" Bait were designed to be one of the best on the market. Starting off, each jighead utilizes a short shank 8/0 2X Mustad hook, providing great strength for the hardest fighting fish such as tarpon, striped bass, snook, redfish and more, while also delivering great wear resistance when hitting structure such as rocks, clam beds, and other debris. An oversized stainless-steel screw lock makes securing your soft bait easy, without the need of superglue and truly locks down your bait when getting roughed up by striking fish or strong casts. The head design itself is perfectly balanced to reduce the baits body roll, while oversized 3D eyes deliver great realism and flash. For the angler looking for a performance option to tackle some of the meanest predators we have, these NLBN jigheads deliver to give their paddle tails an uncompromised option with the best components available.

  • 8/0 Short Shank Mustad Hook
  • Stainless Steel Screw Lock Keeper
  • Oversized Custom 3D Eyes
  • Balanced Design for Minimal Body Roll
  • Three Stage Paint Job to Match NLBN Soft Plastics
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