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Nomad Design Chug Norris

Nomad Design Chug Norris

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Simply put, the Chugg Norris is the ultimate popper. The Chugg Norris was designed around the concept of maximum action for minimum effort. Anyone who has thrown a big popper all day long for big pelagics offshore knows just how exhausting it can be. Years of experience in big popper fishing has led Nomad Design to create a lure in the ideal shape that not only excites fish, but is super easy to work. The ultra-deep cup face design is round at the bottom and square at the top in order to scoop up as much water as possible and send it high into the air, showering water back down in a wide range for the ultimate surface commotion. The Chugg Norris is constructed with a thick outer shell of HD ABS plastic surrounding its Gorilla Through Wire system, and is then filled with foam for ultimate strength and durability. Throw in super strong split rings and BKK inline or treble hooks and this popper may just be tougher than the guy it was named after.
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