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Nomad MadMacs

Nomad MadMacs

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The Nomad Design Madmacs marks the pinnacle in high speed trolling lure design. Featuring Nomad Design's patented Autotune towpoint system, the Madmacs is able to adjust its tuning in direct response to its trolling speed to ensure it tracks straight and remains deep at all times. The Autotune system is also in part responsible for maintaining the lure's intense side to side vibrating action at speeds as low as 5 knots, to as high as a blistering 20 knots. Built to withstand the punishment dished out by the toughest pelagic species like wahoo and many varieties of tuna, the Madmacs is constructed with trademark Nomad features such as Metal Matrix full body plate and HD Foam Filled System. The internal steel body plate in this lure runs from the towpoint, across the body, and down to each hook hanger, making it virtually impossible for a fish to break this lure. Those who have pulled their fair share of high speed vibration lures will find that nothing tracks straighter, runs deeper, last longer than the Madmacs.
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