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Pakula - The Original Soft Rat - Softease

Pakula - The Original Soft Rat - Softease

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The Original Soft Rat. Back when Peter Pakula first made his lures the Soft Rat was long kept a secret by the pros as opposed as the Hard Rat. As you can see from the picture the current Soft Rat still has Peters original hard edge shoulder that the newer Rats do not have. If you only buy one Pakula for Blue Marlin fishing, this is the one to buy. Many years ago in the BBC the tournament was won pulling nothing but Soft Rats.

The Rat is the short rigger lure. The action is an aggressive swimming with a wide head shake and great sonic boom when it breathes. It will hug the water at all trolling speeds and will work fine in all weather conditions. This lure works for all larger game fish. The Rat is a Striped and Black Marlin favorite. The Frigate Rat is now a "standard lure" in St Thomas and the Bahamas.

  • Length: 13.25"inch

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