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Lindgren Pitman S-1200 / SV-1200 HARD WIRING KIT

Lindgren Pitman S-1200 / SV-1200 HARD WIRING KIT

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The Lindgren Pitman SV-1200 Hard Wiring Kit provides a reliable connection for mounting your 12V electronics. This kit includes all of the necessary components for easy installation to keep your electronics running smoothly. It’s designed to be durable and offer long-term performance.


  • 20 feet of 6 Gauge Duplex Marine Wire
  • One 30 amp Swing Arm Circuit Breaker
  • One Hubbell 328DCR receptacle
  • One Hubbell HBL74CM25 Receptacle Cover Plate
  • One Hubbell HBL6083 Box
  • One UFC0003CR Strain Relief
  • Four Solder Lugs
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